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59 Crushing Personal Finance Advice Found On the Internet

    Last Updated on May 8, 2021

    Google personal finance advice

    I was chatting with a couple of friends on Discord and one of them said he wants to buy a new motorcycle and he is curious to know what personal finance advice can we suggest.

    Earlier he asked several people of all ages and each of them gave him different opinionated advice. He seemed a bit confused.

    However, each one of us gave him some tips on how to save money or how to earn money working a side hustle, but his question sparked an idea.

    What if we search the internet for the keyword financial advice and see what results come up. Said and done.

    I launched the web scraper I wrote in Python some time ago and scrapped the first 5 pages of Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

    As a technical note, the scraper focused on searching relevant information based on headings, subheadings, strengthen, and emphasized HTML elements and lists.
    Please note that other relevant information may have been ignored by this rule of filtering.

    Ok, let’s see what the internet sages say.

    59 personal finance advice:

    • Get paid what you’re worth and spend less than you earn
    • Stick to a budget
    • Pay off credit card debt
    • Contribute to a retirement plan
    • Have a savings plan
    • Maximize your employment benefits
    • Review your insurance coverages
    • Create or update your will
    • Create a financial calendar
    • Check your interest rate
    • Track your net worth
    • Take a daily financial minute
    • Save at least 20% of your income
    • Budget about 30% of your income for lifestyle spending
    • Outline a financial vision board
    • Set specific money goals
    • Learn self-control
    • Know where your money goes
    • Start an emergency fund
    • Start saving for retirement
    • Know how taxes work
    • Get a health insurance
    • Write down all your debt
    • Pay yourself first
    • Separate your savings from your checking account
    • Spend a couple of hours per week reading about finances and investing
    • Understand key investing terms such as compound interest
    • Invest in assets, not in liabilities
    • Don’t compare yourself to others
    • Know your worth at the workplace
    • Re-evaluate your personal finance goals every year
    • Don’t immediately purchase something, think about it for at least a day
    • Treat yourself wisely
    • Buy experiences over materials
    • Don’t increase your lifestyle if you got a decent raise or a job with a higher salary
    • Discuss financial issues with your significant other or your family
    • Pay attention to taxes and fees when investing
    • Live a frugal and minimalist life
    • Track your credit score and net worth periodically

    …and more

    • Save in advance
    • Compare options before buying or investing
    • Shop in thrift stores
    • Research before you make a decision
    • Try to repair something before you replace it
    • Don’t buy things you cannot afford
    • Make the money work for you
    • Prioritize the things that are the most important to you. Cut back on the things that matter the least
    • Reconsider subscriptions, especially entertainment ones
    • Break down your income and expenses
    • Stay our of bad debt
    • Make money doing something that fulfills you
    • Diversify your income
    • Time is money
    • Stop impressing other people with your money
    • Control your buying urges
    • Consume less and create more
    • Try to earn extra money
    • Always be careful when you shop online. Pay with a credit card only on websites that have SSL certificates
    • Try to automate your spending and daily chores

    Not bad at all, I would say. There is a good amount of wisdom there.

    🙏 Thank you for taking the time to read through my little nerdy experiment. I hope you found at least some information that is useful for you.

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    Which of the personal finance advice are you already using?

    Which personal finance advice would you like to adopt?


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